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7 Ways Smart Home Technology Saves Energy

Hey y’all, it’s Cool Cat coming around to give you the straight scoop on one of the cooooolest things out – smart home technology. It may sound newfangled and unnecessary, but using even a few smart home features can save serious cabbage. Few things get this cat purring as much as saving my friends in Myrtle Beach money. Check it out!

1. Smart Thermostat – As much as half of your utility bill goes toward heating or cooling your home. Smart thermostats allow you to control the temperature from anywhere using your smartphone. Left for vacay and forgot to adjust the temp to save on electricity while you’ll be away? With a smart thermostat, you can do that from 10 miles or 10,000 miles away.

2. Smart Light Bulbs – Or at least spring for LED light bulbs to save major energy. If you choose smart light bulbs, you can set them to turn on and off when you enter or leave a room so you only use electricity for lighting when you need to. Hate coming home to a dark house? Use your phone to turn on the front entry lights when you pull into your driveway.

3. Smart Water Heater – Smart water heaters can track your water use patterns to automatically adjust temperature on the hot water in your storage tank. Keeping water cooler when you are unlikely to be using it saves energy and money. That’s so cool, it’s hot!

4. Smart Garage Door – If you often forget to close the garage door after returning from a long day of work, a smart garage door can sense your car is turned off and check for motion in the garage after a certain amount of time. If it seems you may have simply forgotten, the door can close itself. This is a big energy saver in the cooler months when heat loss from areas where pipes and ducts enter or exit the space is an issue.

5. Smart Water Leak Sensors – If you’ve experienced a water leak from a burst pipe, leaky sewer or hot water heater, you know what a mess and expense water leaks can be. Water leak sensors can be set up in areas of concern and coordinate with your smart home system to alert you if there may be a potential water leak wreaking havoc in your home.

6. Smart Power Strips – Did you know that any device you leave plugged in uses electricity, even when it’s turned off? You might think it sounds trivial but if you start adding up all of the devices you leave plugged in, such as televisions, lamps, coffee makers, computers, printers, DVRs, movie players, game consoles, toasters and more… all those devices sipping on power equal more passive energy use than you realize. Smart power strips use sensors to stop the trickle of energy to your plugged devices when they aren’t in use, saving energy and your wallet.

7. Energy Use Monitoring – Many of the smart home hubs that connect and sync your various devices can also help monitor how much energy your smart home is using and help you see even more ways to conserve energy and preserve your cost savings.

Smart home technology can save you big on energy and your utility bill. That’s cooooool! At Carolina Cool, these cats are in-the-know pros on all the smart home energy saving options around. They have the expertise and training to help you take advantage of nearly all things “smart”. Time for this Cool Cat to scat on out until next time, Myrtle Beach smart money savers!