Solar Energy and Wind Power

Written By S. Kim Henson

Solar energy and wind power are good for our pocketbooks and for our environment. They are truly ways to allow nature to take its course … to give back to itself.

Photovoltaic (PV) technology converts sunlight into streaming electrons that can be used to do work. PV systems generate clean electricity for years after they pay back the energy it takes for their production – an undertaking that can never be accomplished by coal or natural gas.

Solar cells and panels are initially expensive; however, in the long run solar energy saves money because of the energy savings. Since the sun is its source, solar energy is 100 percent renewable and produces no pollution. Cells and panels are low maintenance and relatively easy to install.

In keeping with environmental conservation, wind is another energy saving resource. New Jersey is installing, 20 miles offshore, a billion dollars worth of wind turbines. It is estimated they may produce electricity for anywhere between 250,000 to half a million homes. Although streamlined, some homeowners complain “not in my backyard.” Placing the wind turbines at sea puts them out of sight and possibly allows for greater production due to offshore wind. Simple wind power systems are available for homes and businesses.

April 22nd is a reminder to do our part. Give Carolina Cool a call about how to power your Earth Day festivities conservatively.