Solar Panels: Harnessing the Unlimited Power of the Sun

Solar Panels: Harnessing the Unlimited Power of the Sun
By S. Kim Henson

Did you know enough sunlight hits the earth each hour to power the world for one year? That’s enough to energize 400 quintillion (that’s 18 zeros) homes, says one of the world’s largest solar energy businesses SolarWorld.

Stephen Miller lives in the Parrot Bluff neighborhood on James Island and he’s one of the many homeowners who is taking advantage of this information. His home, as of July 2010, is South Carolina’s largest residential solar installation. Although the upfront cost is pricey, generous federal tax credits and ever-rising power bills encourage homeowners like Miller to consider putting the sun to work in their homes. Solar energy experts say the trend is gaining momentum in South Carolina.

Carolina Cool’s professional team installs solar panels that outshine the initial cost with a list of advantages that keep you saving for years to come.
• Conserves non-renewable resources, as well as water consumed for coal and nuclear energy production.
• Returns more on your dollar than many long-term investments.
• Saves money now since installing a solar system will noticeably lower your electricity bill; also safeguards you from rising energy costs that, over the last five years, have increased more than 21 percent.
• Reduces your carbon footprint since going solar produces the same benefits as planting thousands of trees.
• Increases your home’s value and, if you’re planning for a future sale, solar panels likely will make it sell faster.

Call Carolina Cool today for more information about solar panels, pricing and installation, and put the sun to work for you too.