To make your commercial refrigeration maintenance Myrtle Beach

Springtime Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance: Your Cool Reminder from Cool Cat

Hey out there, Garden City, Pawleys Island and Surfside Beach! It’s Cool Cat coming back at ya with your coooooool springtime reminder to schedule your regular maintenance appointment for your commercial refrigeration units. So, check it out, our tourist friends from all over the world are about to start hitting town in just a few weeks. NOW is the best time to make sure your commercial A/C, ice machines, chillers and walk-ins are in top shape and ready for the busy season ahead. Your best defense against an unexpected refrigeration equipment failure is your regular maintenance with the cats from Carolina Cool!

What’s Maintenance Got to Do With It?

People ask me, “Cool Cat, is regular maintenance really THAT big of a deal?” You know Cool Cat is going to tell it to you straight and YES it really is a big deal. Keeping up with regular maintenance helps in a few ways:

  • Help prevent more costly emergency service and equipment failures by keeping everything in working order and catching small problems before they become big, expensive problems.
  • Regular maintenance keeps equipment working in optimal condition–which means it works more efficiently and saves you money on energy costs. Just an example, worn out door seals on your walk-in, reach-in or freezer can make your unit work harder to keep the right temperature, which sucks the cabbage right out of your wallet!
  • Avoiding a major breakdown means avoiding unhappy clients and customers. Happy customers, especially during tourist season, are what keeps the dollars coming in the dropbox.
  • Some equipment, such as ice machines, needs to be taken apart and thoroughly cleaned on a frequent basis to avoid brown slime and mold growth–things that can make you, your staff and your customers very sick!

Carolina Cool Maintenance Agreements

To make your commercial refrigeration maintenance even easier, the cats at Carolina Cool have maintenance agreements that get you set up on their schedule on a regular basis with top-notch service technicians. Choosing a Carolina Cool regular maintenance agreement helps you ensure that your coooooooool equipment stays that way all year long.