Summer is Coming, Myrtle Beach! Is it Time to Replace Your AC Unit?

Cool Cat sliding in to drop some details on you about your AC unit. This summer is already cooking up to be a hot one and it hasn’t even gotten here yet! Is your cooling system or AC unit already clunking and struggling to keep up with the humid heat of our beautiful Grand Strand? You might just need a service or it might be time to replace that old unit with a new one. Cool Cat’s got 7 ways for you to tell if it might be time to replace your cooling or AC system.

1. The coolant it uses is R22 Freon – Freon has been phased out by the Feds because of environmental and health hazards. If your current system uses Freon and especially if you might have a leak, that’s a major red flag to replace it.

2. AC unit is more than 10 years old – When well-maintained, some AC units or cooling systems can last a good 15 years or possibly more. The question of replacement comes in when you’re facing a major repair on a unit that is over 10 years old. If the repair will be costly, you might do better to replace the unit. An unexpected bonus is that newer systems are more energy efficient and will save you some serious cabbage on your utility bill.

3. It’s not coooooool…. – If your AC or cooling system isn’t cooling your space, there’s a problem. Check your thermostat to see if your AC is keeping up with the temperature setting (and not just on days that are dialed up to Raging Hot outside). If your AC is consistently struggling to hold the right temperature, it could be just the aging and wear and tear on the unit or even the wrong sized unit for the space. Either way, a replacement might be best.

4. It’s making strange noises – Rattling, banging, grinding and squealing are not good noises when you hear them coming from your AC. These types of sounds can indicate a serious problem so it’s best to turn the unit off and get the cats from Carolina Cool out to look at it right away. If the repair will be a big expense or involves Freon, it might be best to move on with a new system.

5. An excessive water leak – While condensation is normal–especially when the humidity is super high, major leaking that soaks into walls, puddles on floors or expands well beyond the unit are cause for concern. Excessive moisture is a sign of a bigger problem and can lead to mold growth–a serious health risk for you and your family.

6. It’s broken down… Again! – Frequent breakdowns are a sign that age and wear and tear have caught up with your cooling system. When you start adding up the cost of fixing a bunch of smaller breakdowns, it could add up to a big wad of cash toward a new system. Don’t get stuck in the small repairs rut.

7. It’s not energy efficient – If you have an older system that isn’t as energy efficient as the newer minimum SEER 13/14 systems out, you could be forking over a lot more in energy cost to the utility company than you need to. If you’ve got sucky SEER, you could be conserving energy and saving money with a new and more efficient system.

Hey friends, you don’t have to suffer with a clunking, old, breaking down, sucky SEER system this summer! Just call the cats at Carolina Cool. They’ll come out and inspect your system and give you the straight truth on what they find. They’re the best pros in the business with the latest technology and top-trained technicians to help you get your home comfortable all summer long. That’s coooooooool!