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Carolina Cool – Better Business Bureau Accredited Company

The BBB, or the Better Business Bureau, is a non profit that focuses on providing the consumer with a trust value when choosing a company to do business with. Whether it be a plumber or a restaurant – if you see that business display a BBB you know that it’s been approved and vetted. In order to avoid any bias in their reviews the BBB’s policy is to refrain from recommending or endorsing and specific business, product or service (BBB website). In a day and age where access to literally thousands of businesses is just a key stroke away, it’s not easy to choose which one for your current need. Knowing that the BBB sets standards for ethical business behavior and monitors compliance should help you in your decision. The BBB will guide a consumer to identify trustworthy businesses and more importantly those that are not, through their 4 million BBB Business reviews. Doing your homework on a company that is going to come into your home and do a possibly costly repair is your responsibility. Using a BBB accredited business such as Carolina Cool is a smart choice.

Carolina Cool is proud to be an accredited member of the BBB since 2000. This insures you the piece of mind that when choosing Carolina Cool for your HVAC, plumbing or electrical needs you are going with a company that stands behind their products and services and does what they say they will do. Additionally, in case of a dispute, the BBB rating also insures that they have satisfactorily addressed any issues that may have come up. Carolina Cool works diligently to maintain their rating; from their customer service to their sales team to their service team – all uphold the finest business practices and are dedicated to one thing, your satisfaction in a job well done.

Most Common Plumbing Fixes

Plumbing, like electricity is usually best left to the experts. A simple changing of a shower head or using a plunger is fine for a DIY project. Anything involving water beyond this is really not a good idea to attempt yourself. Even for a very experienced DIYer, there are many plumbing projects that require a professional. Plumbing fixes gone wrong can get out of hand very fast. Water moves quickly and even a small leak that is undetected can end up causing homeowners thousands of dollars in damage if not properly fixed in a timely manner. A professional plumber will also adhere to building codes. Here are the top sourcs for plumbing fixes:
• Hidden leaks in pipes
• Running water in toilet tanks
• Leaky faucets
• Water heaters
• Shut off valve replacement
• Stuffed up toilets
• Stuffed up bathtub or sink drains.

Many of the above at first glance can cause most of us to say – “oh that’s not too hard, I can do that.”  In many cases a leaky faucet or running water can be indicative of another problem. It is best to let the plumbing professionals at Carolina Cool do the work.