The Benefits of a Backup Home Generator

The Benefits of a Backup Home Generator

Hey-oh, Myrtle Beach! What’s going on, Surfside Beach? How you doing, Murrells Inlet? It’s Cool Cat checking in to give you the straight skinny on backup home generators. Residential backup generators are fueled by propane or natural gas and set up to kick on automatically when your power goes out. It allows you to run your appliances, lights, HVAC and other home systems during a power outage. That’s cooooooool! Let’s check out some more great benefits of having your own backup home generator.

1. Operates safely during natural disasters such as hurricanes or tropical storms.

2. Powers up quickly and automatically when a blackout happens.

3. Allows you to heat or cool your home and power appliances such as the fridge to avoid food spoilage and ensure your family’s comfort.

4. Protects your home and electrical system from dangerous surges and fluctuations that happen when the power starts to come back on.

5. Maintains comfort and safety levels during any kind of emergency.

6. Powers televisions, computers and other devices that you need to keep informed on local conditions.

7. Adds to your home’s value when it comes time to sell.

8. Gives you peace of mind during times of emergency or natural disaster.

9. Propane and natural gas generators are affordable to operate and maintain.

10. A backup home generator can power a home for several days during a blackout or emergency.

If you are interested in a home backup generator, now is the time to call the cats at Carolina Cool. The worst part of the Atlantic hurricane season is upon us and Cool Cat knows you want that peace of mind for when the next major storm comes barreling through. Carolina Cool can install your new home backup generator and have you ready for anything hurricane season can bring.