Time for Your Springtime A/C Service!

Yo-ho out there, Socastee! Little River, how you doing? Hey guys, it’s Cool Cat here with your reminder that it’s time for your springtime A/C service! Spring is well under way so it’s time to get that service appointment on the books for your A/C. You might be thinking, “but Cool Cat, why is NOW so important for A/C maintenance?” Having your cleaning and maintenance service now gets your A/C unit ready for the hot and humid summer ahead. Often technicians can find minor problems during a routine service that would have led to a major breakdown later… and a costly repair. If you skip your spring A/C service and do have a major breakdown during the heat of summer, that’s when technicians are busiest and it could take some time to get to you. No one likes waiting around in the heat! By having your service now, you are priming your system to work its best and by addressing minor problems now, you could save yourself the headache of a major problem later. You know what they say… an ounce of prevention… Check out some other ways having your A/C serviced in the spring can have big benes!

Benefits of Springtime A/C Maintenance

There are a ton of benefits to having regularly scheduled maintenance on your A/C system, here are just a few of those big benes we’re talking about:

1. Reduce utility bills – A well-maintained A/C unit works more efficiently, giving you savings on your power bill. And the opposite is also true, a poorly maintained system has to work harder and will consume more energy which will raise your power bill. That’s not coooooool!

2. Catch minor issues – Regularly scheduled maintenance helps catch minor issues before they become major issues or even lead to a total breakdown and costly repairs. It’s far better (and cheaper) to replace or repair something that is wearing out before it breaks than to wait until it breaks and takes your whole unit offline.

3. Extend the lifespan of your A/C – Regular and consistent maintenance on your A/C unit can help extend the lifespan of your unit. It reduces wear and tear, helps the system run more efficiently and an efficient system doesn’t have to work as hard to maintain temperature. Keeping things running smoothly gives you the most mileage from your unit.

4. Meet warranty requirements – Many people don’t know that some warranties have maintenance requirements that if not followed, will render your warranty void or reduced. Depending on your unit, your warranty might require servicing once per year or possibly every six months. Keeping up with a regular maintenance schedule helps you keep up with the requirements of your unit’s warranty.

With all these benes, how can you NOT schedule your springtime A/C maintenance? You save money, keep your system running smoooooooth and more. The cats over at Carolina Cool are ready to schedule your maintenance appointment for your A/C. They’re the top technicians in the know, with the latest technology and the best customer service on the beach!