Tips for Winter Energy Savings

Power bills costing hundreds of dollars have sent customers to their thermostats to set a lower temperature. Next, to their closets for an extra layer of indoor clothes. And it seems, checking The Weather Channel, there’s more chilly weather on its way.

Save money and stay warm for winter –

  • Set thermostat at 68 degrees for winter, suggested by Santee Cooper
    • Wear more clothes and sleep under an extra blanket
    • Reverse the blades on ceiling fans to push warm air down
    • Open curtains and blinds when the sun is shining to naturally heat rooms
    • Close them back at night to keep the heat inside
    • Change HVAC filters monthly to assure unit operates efficiently
    • Install weather stripping around windows and add door sweeps on exterior doors to close gaps and eliminate drafts
    • Close damper when not using the fireplace
    • Upgrade attic insulation from three to 12 inches to save 20 percent on heating costs
    • Seal off unused rooms and close vents to more easily heat the most lived in areas
    • Call Carolina Cool to ask about their HVAC Energy Savings Agreement

    For more tips to cut winter power costs, visit Santee Cooper’s website at or visit the Weather Channel for tips at