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Top 3 Most Common HVAC System Breakdowns

Things are heating up in the Grand Strand and summer is just around the corner. Our cats aren’t cooling their heels though, they’re preparing for the most common causes of HVAC system breakdowns. When your AC stops pumping out that chill, don’t sweat it! Carolina Cool has you covered! Here’s just a few of the cool killing issues we see most:

Tripped Circuits
Before heading for the breaker and flipping the switch, stop! That tripped circuit happened for a reason! The most common cause of tripped circuits on HVAC systems is overheating. When heat can’t transfer out of the system properly due to part failure or malfunction, such as an outside fan not working, heat builds up in the compressor and other components of the cooling system. The system cuts the power by tripping the breaker to protect your HVAC system from further damage. Every time you flip the switch back on in the breaker box, you risk further damage to your system and a much higher repair bill.

Frozen Coil
You might be wondering how your HVAC system could have a frozen coil when the “Reel Feel” temperature is 147 degrees – in the shade! Even on the hottest day of the whole summer, you can have a breakdown caused by a frozen coil. Just a few of the main causes are dirty air filters, blockage in the ductwork or return that obstructs proper air flow and low refrigerant – usually due to a leak. No matter the cause, a frozen coil can cause big time damage that is costly to repair.

Compressor Failure
Compressor failure is most often caused by dirty coils, gunked up with grime, dust, mineral scale or even moldy growth. The compressor is the central most important part of your cooling system. When build-up on the compressor coils prevents the unit from expelling enough heat to work efficiently, the system compensates by running for longer periods or even continuously to reach the right temperature. Pressure and heat increase in the unit until the compressor burns out and fails.

Want some cooooool news? You don’t need to trip about a possible breakdown this summer! The solution is simple! Set up a regular HVAC maintenance schedule with the cats at Carolina Cool to prevent or catch issues that could lead to a breakdown and don’t sweat it!