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Top Energy Leaks In Your Home

Energy leaks in your home are more than just a draft, they’re like money leaks because losing heat or cool increases your utility bill. That’s not coooool! Cool Cat here to give you the skinny on top energy (and money) leaks in your home.

Windows – Gaps and drafts around windows may seem like no big deal, but windows can be one of the biggest energy leaks in your house. Replacing worn window seals, caulking and weather-stripping for gaps to prevent energy loss keeps more cash in your paw.

Vents – Vents for laundry exhaust or plumbing to the outside of your house can be an unexpected source of energy loss. Check around any vent or pipe that releases to an exterior wall. If you see any space around that opening, your home is leaking money. Fix it fast with expanding foam.

Fireplace Flue – If you have a fireplace, you could be losing energy right up your chimney! Quick check: close the flue securely and then burn a small piece of paper and watch where the smoke goes. If it is pulled upward, that flue’s not helping you. A pro will have to replace the seal for you to stop that energy leak. Once it’s fixed, Cool Cat doesn’t mind dropping by for a nap in front of a cozy fire, just to make sure everything’s in working order for ya.

Recessed Lights – Even with an insulated ceiling, if there is even a tiny gap around your recessed lights, then you’re losing energy. A quick fix is flexible caulk. Your energy savings keep the lights on and a little more jangle in your pocket.

Attic – Lots of pipes, ducts and vents route up to the attic. Any space around them is airlifting your change right out of your piggy bank – especially if your attic isn’t insulated. Foam caulk spray or even general-purpose caulk is your quick fix to prevent energy loss into the attic.

Attic Access – If you have one of those pull-down trap-door extendable stair get-ups to access your attic, you could be leaking energy into the attic this way too. Fix it fast with weather-stripping around the edges and insulation on the attic-facing side of that trap-door.

Electric Outlets and Switches – Lots of cats don’t know you can lose energy through the sockets and switches in your home. When you remove the outlet or switch cover, if you see space between the receptacle and the wall, then you’re looking at an energy leak. Your quick fix is simple – foam gaskets for all switches and outlets.

Doors – Your doors to the outside can be a major energy leak – and we’re not talking about that little door for letting the squirrels and raccoons in and out. The seals around your doors may look snug but check this out – open your wallet and pull out a buck, place the buck over the seal so part of it sticks out when you shut the door. Make sure the door is shut tight. Okay, now pull on that dollar. If you can pull it out, your door is a big energy leak. If that dollar won’t budge, then your seal is good.

Energy leaks in your home are like money leaks in your wallet. That’s not cooooool! The cats over at Carolina Cool can help. They have the technology and the know-how to test areas of your home for energy loss and find the fix to make everything more energy efficient.