Tune Up the Heat Pump Before Cooler Weather

Heat Pump Tune-up Before Cooler Weather
By S. Kim Henson

Fall is in the air, which is a reminder that cooler days are ahead. That means time for the pre-season check-up of your heat pump, to assure you’re not one of the customers making an emergency call to Carolina Cool during the first cold snap.

Not only does Carolina Cool encourage upkeep of your heat pump, so does Energy Star, a joint program with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy. Maintenance prevents unwanted problems, and saves energy and money because well-maintained equipment runs more efficiently.

Energy Star’s maintenance check-up list for heat pumps:

• Check thermostat settings for comfortable temperatures and energy savings
• Tighten electrical connections to assure safe and prolonged life of the system
• Lubricate moving parts so the motor runs smoothly, saving electricity
• Inspect condensate drain to prevent water damage and indoor humidity
• Check operation of controls to be sure system properly starts, operates and shuts off

Be sure to change or clean air filters monthly to prevent damage to the unit and save on energy costs. Carolina Cool can show you how, as well as completing the above to-do list.