Water Filtration is Carolina Cool!

Water Filtration
By S. Kim Henson

Know your water before purchasing a water filtration unit, designed to remove impurities and cleanse water for consumption and home use like baths and washing clothes. Some customers go with water filtration units to improve the taste of their drinking water, while others choose a unit because of health concerns like a weakened immune system.

Whatever the reason, consider these things when choosing:

• Contaminants – which ones you want removed since different units remove different contaminants from water; to determine local water quality, check out the city’s annual water quality report available through your water company
• Type of unit – what kind; price varies from less than $20 for simple pitchers, up to hundreds of dollars for a reverse osmosis unit that effectively eliminates all disease-causing organisms and most chemical contaminants, says the EPA
• Installation – where and how to install the unit
• Maintenance – all units need maintenance like changing filter cartridges regularly

Carolina Cool can help you decide between point-of-entry systems that treat most of the water entering the house, and point-of-use systems that treat water in batches, like that delivered to the kitchen sink faucet. The Carolina Cool crew, with their latest technology and equipment, can also handle installation along with all your other plumbing needs.