Weather: For Us or Against Us?

By S. Kim Henson

Weather and its agents, sun and wind, can go either way – in our favor on beach-going days, or against us during harsh conditions in a hurricane. Sun and wind power can be harnessed to light the indoors of a house and heat water; then, in a moment’s notice, turn totally uncontrollable and do millions of dollars worth of damage. Like we’ve seen in the news recently, destructive winds during tornadoes have demolished entire towns. The sun’s heat is a contributing factor for droughts and it fuels wildfires across the country.

What is remarkable, though, is the ability of the sun and wind to wield their power destructively and, at the same time, act positively on the environment. Solar energy is available, renewable, pollution-free, quiet, cost-effective after initial installations, and backed and rewarded by rebates and grants from the government. Wind energy is equally beneficial. A wind farm may take a good bit of land but underneath the turbines, the ground can be cultivated and, therefore, used dually.

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