Why Do HVAC Maintenance

Why Do HVAC Maintenance?

Why Do HVAC Maintenance:

People here in Myrtle Beach are welcoming fall temperatures! Pumpkin spice everything is happening here. At Carolina Cool, we think of HVAC maintenance as soon as the hint of fall is in the air.

We all know summer is taxing on our cooling systems, but cold winter temperatures can also be taxing, and making sure your system is in top running condition helps ensure your comfort year-round.

Yearly bi-annual maintenance is a staple in the HVAC industry with most manufacturers requiring homeowners to maintain their systems with an accredited service provider to keep their warranties active.  We use fall and spring as times when we like to get these maintenances scheduled and done. Attic temperatures are down and the ambient air temps allow our techs to test both heating and cooling modes during these seasonal temperatures. This way we can assist you in knowing your system is running at its maximum efficiency.

According to the Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA), there are six essential reasons to make this investment in your home. (source: https://iaqa.org/consumer-resources/hvac-preventive-maintenance-is-essential/)

1. Saving Money – preventive maintenance can reduce energy consumption (bills), prevent breakdowns that are never timed when they are convenient, and extend the life of the system.

2. Indoor Air Quality checks – during routine maintenance we are checking levels of temperature change, and conditions of the components to ensure that the air in your home is as clean and well filtered as possible.

3. Improved Comfort – Just like maintaining your vehicle is important to ensure you can get around town, regular maintenance helps ensure your day to day comfort is un-interrupted by service issues.

4. Keep your home safer – Preventive maintenance can help safeguard your home from damage created from bad or loose electrical connections, bad duct issues, clogged drain lines, and deteriorated heat strips.

5. Help the Environment – Maintenance visits include checking for leaking oil, refrigerant, air, and water. Leaking refrigerant is a pollutant, and leaking oil, air, or water requires the system to work harder, not smarter. Harder working systems are less efficient and less efficient means more energy requirements and more cost to you.

6. Finally, the IAQA sites peace of mind as number six. They recognize that your comfort system is an investment in your home, and by maintaining it regularly you have peace of mind that you are providing the best care for your family.

We encourage our homeowners in the Myrtle Beach and Grand Strand area to have their systems checked twice a year, and have developed a program to assist you with that. It’s our Customerized Savings Agreement with a 32 point checklist. It’s easy to get scheduled and fall is the perfect time to get this done. Sit back, relax, and let Carolina Cool help keep your home comfortable this winter.  (details on our agreement are found here: https://www.carolinacool.com/maintenance-agreements/ or by calling us at 843-238-5805.)